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Racy Novels in Christ: 3 Reasons Why this may be Problematic

Today Jacquelin Thomas is blogging about her life at eHarlequin. Click now to be directed to her blog. She’s very sweet.

She gave me a line-edit of my first novel chapter last year. Very nice of her. I still have the line-edit stored as a momento. :)

Kimani Press is re-releasing Soul Journey this year.

An excerpt from Praise the Lord and turn the page

Christian fiction — particularly chick lit — is finding a large and faithful audience.

BY MOLLY MILLETT for Pioneer Press

“We don’t go past the bedroom door,” says Marlow Golan of Harlequin. “We tend not to dwell on passion — even kisses are handled with a light touch. We stress the emotional qualities of relationships.”

I’m puzzled… I just reviewed Kendra Bellamy’s More than Grace, a novel under Harlequin’s Kimani Press/New Spirit imprint and it has at least three sex scenes in it. I don’t know if Golan is reviewing every inspirational romance novel before it leaves their facilities or what, but I’m puzzled by her comment and by what I just read.

Why is this important, Dee? 3 important reasons for me.

  • There are writers like myself trying to determine where we should submit querys on our manuscripts.
  • As a reviewer of christian fiction I prefer not to review those type works. (Ironically, I do review mainstream romance for Romantic Times from time to time.)
  • As a reader I don’t want to be surprised when I happen upon a sex scene whether the couple is married or not.

So why are christian writers including sex scenes in their novels? I don’t know. But I plan to ask the author of this book to give me an interview around the time of her release date, April 2006, to find out what her reasonings are. She’s a devoted Christian and a sweet, sweet person so I pray I can make that happen, because I really would like to know and maybe expand my worldview.

Are you like me? Do you have a problem with sex scenes in a christian fiction novel? Is it okay? And to what extent?

How to Acquire Your First Quadcopter?

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Parrot AR.Drone 2.0 Review

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