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A reader who knows I’ve lived my whole life near Boston asked: How did Nebraska come to figure in Covered With Snow? Here’s the gist of that back story (no spoilers). In the late ‘90s I had my dream job. was booming, up-ending assumptions. How will the Internet change our business? People with money wanted to know, and my senior colleagues were some of its actual designers. I was…

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Geeking-Out on Fonts

I used to think it pretentious that the authors of certain literary novels (or more likely, their highfalutin publishing houses) would devote space to discussing fonts. (Here’s why we specially designed this unique font for you, oh discerning reader.) Really? If your story can’t stand on its own once the e-book homogenization process gets hold of it, then you’re not going to win my fervor, as a reader, by putting…

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Prologue: The Face of The Deep

The Columbia Icefield, August, 2019… Cece Paine, Professor of Glacial Geology at the University of British Columbia, is not sure, when she crunches out of her tent in unlaced, crampon-clad boots, if a spot of bright green deep in the crevasse lit by her headlamp is not a dropped hat or mitten. She hopes it is not another dead signal-free iPhone snuck up by an idiot student. In the nineties,…

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One: Octopus

The Boston Arena, March, 1965… Otis Fletcher is used to sticky, constrained, desperate situations: man-sweat sharp with fear, arms taut, and ribs and faces entwined, high-tops scrabbling the bull’s-eye mat, not sure he can hold on one more second, or wants to. Ear guards damp grunts; thrashing masks pain (blood sometimes too, if the ref fails to see). Otis knows to wait for his rival’s dallying ebb, a slack that…

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About Me

Art’s writing career burst forth at age eight when he won a creative essay contest at his local public library. Not long after that, he learned about paying bills.

Leaving the famous leafy Boston suburb he’d always called home, he earned his BA in geology at a bucolic, erudite college not too far away where he met and hung out with guys talented enough to actually climb the big mountains that still intrigue him.

After that, he embarked on a career telling CEOs what to do. Over several illustrious decades—maxing out on frequent flier miles, but never quite mastering jet lag—he penned countless corporate treatises, each of which seemed weighty and potent at the time. Mercifully, that part of Art’s literary oeuvre remains cordoned behind non-disclosure agreements.

Art has published in places as diverse and obscure as Computer Reseller News and Ultrarunning Magazine.

Shortly after 9-11, without ever really intending to, he became a Christian.

Art and his wife of 30+ years remain planted near Boston where they walk their dogs alongside an expanding flock of grandchildren.

Covered With Snow is his first novel.