History vs. Historical Fiction

One of my biggest reading disappointments ever was Edmund Morris’ biography of Ronald Reagan—and not because of the subject. ‘Dutch’ came out in 1999; Morris died in 2019. This tale may seem remote to those under forty but please hang in there. ‘Dutch’ was a controversial watershed for biography, memoir, and history, with ripple effects…… Continue reading History vs. Historical Fiction


Check your purse, pocket, or hand. Smart phone? Yep. Called it. That hardly makes me a prophet. Unless you’re spelunking deep in a cavern, shepherding in the Australian Outback, or ski-trekking in Antarctica,* you expect the instant potential for human connection. *(Initially, I included swimming as a fourth alliterative example of unreachability, but, I just…… Continue reading Connected?


A reader who knows I’ve lived my whole life near Boston asked: How did Nebraska come to figure in Covered With Snow? Here’s the gist of that back story (no spoilers). In the late ‘90s I had my dream job. Dot.com was booming, up-ending assumptions. How will the Internet change our business? People with money…… Continue reading Nebraska

Geeking-Out on Fonts

I used to think it pretentious that the authors of certain literary novels (or more likely, their highfalutin publishing houses) would devote space to discussing fonts. (Here’s why we specially designed this unique font for you, oh discerning reader.) Really? If your story can’t stand on its own once the e-book homogenization process gets hold…… Continue reading Geeking-Out on Fonts